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Bonsai Talk and “Biobonsai” Demonstration

In conjunction with its current show The Floating World, the Museum of Art presents a free program on the art of bonsai and offer a demonstration of Biobonsai, an organic and never-wilting bonsai tree substitute. On Saturday, July 27, at 1pm.

A recent NMSU graduate, Zamora holds a BFA with an emphasis on visual communication. He has worked with NMSU’s communications department as a graphic designer, and is presently a design instructor at DACC. “Originally from Texas, I fell in love with sunny – often windy – New Mexico and decided to remain in Las Cruces,” writes Zamora. “As a lover of all things beautiful, I can often be found exploring the southwestern desert from which I draw …inspiration.

Bonsai, a Japanese art form involving miniature trees grown in small containers, dates back over a thousand years, and has its own aesthetics and terminology. Like Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), bonsai cultivation requires patience, focus, and years of practice.

Funded by the City of Las Cruces, the Las Cruces Museum of Art is located at 491 N. Main Street. For more information, call (575) 541-2137 or visit the website at

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