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Editing Our Evolution: Rewriting the Human Genome forum, Saturday, July 14, 1 PM

The Museum of Nature & Science will host a community forum, “Editing Our Evolution: Rewriting the Human Genome,” Saturday, July 14, 2018, from 1pm-3pm. The program is free and suggested for ages 16 and older. Registration is not required but RSVPs are requested. To RSVP please call the Museum of Nature and Science at 575-522-3120 or visit the Facebook Event.

As gene editing techniques become more refined, the possibility of editing the human genome is moving from science fiction to reality. In this forum, participants have a chance to discuss the future of human genome editing and important concerns for society to address, such as the connections and distinctions between therapies and enhancements, issues of equity and access, and the potential impacts of making heritable changes to the human genome.

Building with Biology events provide a special opportunity for scientists and the public to interact directly and to learn from each other.  These conversations encourage public audiences to share ideas and opinions about how they want to see these new technologies developed and adopted. And scientists, too, have the chance to listen to those views, share their own ideas, and to consider ways public comments can affect their research.

Dr. Luis Campos and Dr. Cédric Cleyrat will open the forum with an introduction and discussion of the key processes, principles, and implications of genome editing. Participants will break into groups to discuss hypothetical case studies and share their opinions, concerns, and ideas on these new medical technologies.

Dr. Luis Campos has been the historian of science and Senior Fellow with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy at University of New Mexico since 2012. His research connects historical discoveries with modern research in the area of genetics and society.

Dr. Cédric Cleyrat is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center and Genome Editing Consultant at The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center. He provides expertise in genome editing technologies and creates cellular models for cancer drug research.

The Building with Biology project is funded by the National Science Foundation and led by the Museum of Science, Boston.

Admission to the Museum of Nature and Science is free. The Museum of Nature & Science is located at 411 N. Main Street and is open Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 10am to 4:30pm, Wednesday 10am to 8pm, and Saturday from 9am to 4:30pm.  For additional information, call 575.522.3120.

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