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Museum of Nature & Science Offers Animal Encounters

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  1. Mammals will be the topic of discussion on Saturday, March 7. From land mammals like humans, to bats in the air, to whales in the sea, mammals are a very diverse group of animals.

  2. Animal Encounters will NOT take place on Saturday, March 14 as we will be celebrating PI Day instead! Join us for a celebration of the ultimate Pi Day.

  3. Birds will swoop into Animal Encounters on Saturday, March 21! There are approximately ten thousand species of birds and over five hundred are found here in New Mexico. Come learn about New Mexico’s state bird, the roadrunner, and more.

  4. Reptiles slither in on Saturday, March 28. Reptiles are cold-blooded animals covered in scales. Their bodies react to the temperature of their surroundings so they can cool down in the shade or soak up some sun to get warm. Snakes, alligators, crocodiles, tortoises, and lizards are just a few of the different types of reptiles.

The museum is located at 411 North Main Street and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  For additional information, visit the website at: or call (575)522-3120.

If you need an accommodation for a disability to enable you to fully participate in this event please contact the museum 48 hours prior to the event.

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