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Rat on a Stick Fundraiser Great Success

The Foundation wishes to offer a special thank you to the volunteers who manned the “Rat on a Stick” Food Booth at the 2013 Renaissance Faire, and to the many guests who enjoyed the delicious “tastes like chicken” treat!  The Foundation sold out both days, raising funds that will benefit all four city museums. Special thanks to:

  1. Bill Wachtel

  2. Karen Feder

  3. Jennifer Perez

  4. Bert Stevens

  5. John Deck and Gail Larkin

  6. Helen and Jerry Moser

  7. Jim Garthwait

  8. Leigh Hernandez

  9. Joyce Knaus

  10. Laurie Smith and Randy Fromm

  11. John Northcutt

  12. Eileen Whittaker

  13. Vicki Hibner

Thank you for your commitment to the work of the museums, and for your hard work.

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