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Geography Club at Branigan Cultural Center every Saturday

Join the Branigan Cultural Center every Saturday from 10am to 12pm as we encourage families to take a mental road trip to explore culturally significant and historical sites within the Land of Enchantment! Each month we will focus on one location of historic and cultural significance in New Mexico, discussing the people, landscape, and environment of the area.

For the month of March, join us as we learn about the enchanting Aztec Ruins! Located approximately 400 miles from Las Cruces in Aztec, NM, you’ll find Aztec Ruins National Monument. The Monument preserves the Ancestral Puebloan great house that was once the center of a large regional community. With over 900 years of history and 400 rooms, the Aztec Ruins places you in a time period during history we can only read about. Join us as we learn the Ruins history and significance then concluding with a craft for families of all ages.

Admission is free to the Branigan Cultural Center, located at 501 North Main Street. The museum is open Tuesday through Friday from 10am to 4:30pm, and Saturday from 9am to 4:30pm. For addition information call (575) 541-2154.

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