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Spider Rock Girls, Nov. 26, 10 am

Join us on Saturday, November 26 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, as the Branigan Cultural Center welcomes the Spider Rock Girls, Navajo weavers from Arizona.

Navajo weavers have created an iconic art genre that is admired and collected around the world. The tradition of weaving has been passed down for many generations and is apparent in one Navajo family.

The Spider Rock Girls are three generations of weavers from the Chinle area in the Navajo Nation. The family has been weaving for generations and through the sale of their beautiful weavings they have been able to provide food, clothing, and education for the family.

Come meet this extraordinary family and learn about their approach to both traditional and innovative weaving techniques and patterns. Members of the family will demonstrate traditional Navajo weaving techniques and will answer questions about their weaving. Pieces woven by the Spider Rock Girls will be available for sale

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